The 2020 Flickmetic Movie Awards

Awards season is awesome.

Movie awards season is the best time of the year. If you’re here then you must love movies like Flickmetic does, so we won’t waste any of your time. Below you can see links to each section of the 2020 Flickmetic Movie Awards. We go big because we don’t like to go home.

The six links below are given by Tyler and only represent his views. Keep in mind that this event is currently ongoing and the links will be updated as they are posted.

Miscellaneous Awards

I give miscellaneous awards out, such as–but not limited to–best character, best soundtrack and others!

Best Actors, Actresses and Directors of 2020

The top three actors, actresses and directors of 2020!

Worst Movies of 2020

The worst of the worst. Here are the 5 worst movies of 2020.

Best Movies of 2020, 30 – 16

The best of the best of the year, 30 to 16!

Best Movies of 2020, 15 – 1

The top 15 movies of 2020!

We aren’t done yet, however. “The Castle Awards” are the awards given by Castle, who is both the best bunny critic in the business and the rabbit whose image is plastered all over the website. This rabbit is seriously off the rails and we never know what he’s going to do because he’s the most truthful critic out there. They are the only awards that really matter, if we’re being honest.

If you want some video content, make sure to check out “The Justin and Tyler Movie Awards.” But what are they? Glad you asked! Every year Tyler (from this very website) and his good pal Justin do a series of videos where we give awards.

While there’s some repetition because the Tyler picks reflect the picks from the links above that you’ve already read, I post these here because a) there are some unique awards that we give on “The Justin and Tyler Movie Awards” that aren’t given on Flickmetic (and vice versa) and b) these videos are fun to make and I want to advertise them. So if you want to hear two buddies talk passionately about movies then make sure that out.

The Castle Awards

Castle is an awesome rabbit and he gives out his own movie awards. These are meant more for entertainment value and are silly. But don’t get it twisted: they are important.

The Justin and Tyler Movie Awards

Two buddies talk, at length, about movies and give out their own unique brand of awards.