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5 Movie Opinions I Used to Have but Don’t Anymore

Even an old dog like me can change his mind.

The other day I came across an old review I wrote about about the 2006 Jason Statham fueled action movie Crank and I had said something that I slightly changed my mind on. That got me thinking–which is dangerous for everybody–about what other opinions I may have once possessed but don’t anymore, whether that’s a complete 180 from my original position or merely a modification of what I once believed.

Then the idea for this article came. Could I dig deep into my mind–and my past–and uncover movie opinion relics that no longer apply to me? Well, I did my best and here are five of them. I will begin with the opinion that originated this idea.

1: “Jason Statham is a decent enough action star but belongs more in low-key roles.”

Source: W A R

It’s not entirely clear why I held this opinion to begin with. Before Statham even did Crank he had some other action roles, most notably The Transporter. He was already placing himself as one of the action heroes of this generation. And yet, because I saw him in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch first I still could only envision him in those types of Guy Ritchie positions where honestly, he was a bit of a wiener.

My opinion has changed from thinking he is a “decent enough” action star to legitimately believing that the guy is one of the finest in recent years to take up that mantle. There’s still a place in my heart for him doing more low-key roles, but even when he participates in crappy or mediocre movies he’s almost never the problem.

2: I Had No Interest in Star Wars Movies.

Source: Star Wars

I’ve always been a huge gamer, and because of that there have been a bunch of Star Wars games that I have loved. There were certain elements of Star Wars that I’ve been fond of, such as Boba Fett or Darth Nihilus, but my love of it came mostly from games or just seeing something pop culture related. My adoration for certain licensed video games was because of the quality of the title, and mostly despite the Star Wars label.

The problem was that up until the last decade I had never actually seen a Star Wars movie. Once I rectified that I realized that some of them are fantastic, while others are on the opposite end of the spectrum. I consider myself a fan of the franchise and property, but I’m still not a die-hard. It’s blasphemy that I didn’t experience the series sooner.

3: I Once Rated The Room a 0.

Source: ThoughtPatrol

I’m ashamed. Everybody knows that the movie is bad and fails on every technical aspect possible, but it’s also one of the most entertaining attempts at filmmaking ever committed, so surely it deserves better than a 0. If you’re going to blunder the medium, do it like Tommy Wiseau did. It never deserved to be given the same amount of enmity that Yoko Ono’s Blink short film got and yet I did it anyway.

4: Channing Tatum Was Bad.

Source: Sony Pictures Entertainment

The first film I remember seeing with Tatum in it was 2009’s Fighting, which was so atrocious that my friend and I started calling Channing “Mumbles.” He seemed to borrow mannerisms from Eminem and didn’t know how to emote. He mumbled–hence the name–and I figured there was no way I could ever enjoy this guy’s output.

But only two years later, with The Eagle, a shift started. I still referred to him as Mumbles Tatum but gave him a backhanded compliment. “Even Mumbles Tatum did a good job.” Skip ahead a year to 21 Jump Street and it turns out that this guy is ridiculously charming and exceptional in certain roles. I was wrong about him.

5: Monty Python? More Like Not Worth My Tom… Uh, Time? I Tried to Make a Rhyme There. Forget It.

Source: Browningate

There was a time when I had no attraction to the Monty Python comedic stylings. This is news to nobody with even a passing interest in the troupe but these guys are hilarious. Their work is some of the wittiest and oddest humour ever placed on film and we are all better for them existing.

I never hated on the Pythons but my disinterest in them is embarrassing. It’s also a bit strange because I had seen their skit about the Spanish Inquisition and I cracked up at it. And yet it never translated into me viewing the rest of their oeuvre. I’m glad that I eventually came around and gave them a spin.

This read more like a confessional than expected. Do you have any ridiculous movie thoughts or opinions that you held and turned your back on as time passed? Let’s all poke fun at ourselves and admit to our flaws. Don’t worry, this is a safe space. Why wouldn’t the internet be a secure place to let your guard down and say something potentially controversial? Let me know in the comments below what you think.

A bonus statement: I once didn’t know that this guy existed and that was bad. Aww.

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