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Flickmetic is a website created by Tyler Selig, a longtime fan of movies. He was the co-founder and main writer of, a multimedia website that covered movies, video games, music, television and technology. He recently got more into data analysis (still a rookie on all accounts) with the help of Microsoft Power BI.

So Flickmetic was created in order to merge data analysis with movies. This does not mean everything here is stats based; the focus is still on industry standards such as reviews and opinion pieces. But the hope is that Flickmetic can bring something a little original to the saturated market by occasionally posting movie posts that are a little more analytical, but not overwhelmingly so.

Before you run away, know that many of the posts–especially the analytical ones–will be written with a slight comedic bent. Just looking at graphs and numbers can be boring for the average person, so the writing itself has to have a little more substance, and in many cases humour, in order to be entertaining. The goal here is not to bore, it’s to entertain first and foremost… and maybe we can all learn a little something along the way. I’m aware that I haven’t cracked a joke yet. So here, have a picture of a bunny.

On that note, here are the current sections and what they entail:

  • Fandom Wars: a satirical deep dive into two fanbases that are “at war” with one another to figure out who the best of the two, while also poking fun at the nature of data analysis/statistics and how they can be manipulated to tell whatever story you want to tell. Due to the work involved to do one of these it will probably be monthly, but more is possible depending on the length of time it takes to finish one. While mostly focused on movie fanbases, it will branch out into other artforms. This will be said in a disclaimer, but it is worth mentioning here: this is for fun, there is no objective way to declare which fanbase is better.
  • Fans vs Critics: Do fans and critics agree? Are critics actually just fans? This debate wages on, especially when a divisive movie comes out. So in an attempt to find out if these days–not historically, although that could be done eventually–critics and fans agree, the reception of new movies on Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB is examined and compared, in an attempt to determine if critics and fans agree, disagree or have a similar opinion. Metacritic is used for critical reception since IMDB links to it. One final note, you’ll notice that by the time these posts come out the movies are a couple weeks old. That’s because it takes a while to get a decent enough amount of fan votes to really make any kind of analysis. It’s true that over time the average ratings will increase or decrease, but Tyler thought it would be fun to see how opinions relate in the first couple weeks of release.
  • Reviews: If you’re on a movie website you already know what this is. Movie reviews for new and old movies.
  • Opinion Pieces/Other Writing: This is just where Tyler and other writers spout off about stuff in the movie industry. This is not a news website but current news will be covered if there’s something interesting to say about it. While this is a movie website first and foremost, occasionally articles will be posted that don’t cover movies. This was originally titled Off-Topic Tuesday but I changed it to an even less original title. The reason for that is because while Off-Topic Tuesday could have worked, I decided that I would use this category to post fiction writing and occasionally other off-topic issues, such as video game impressions if I happen to be playing a game that I want to talk about. But mostly it will be for short stories and whatnot.
  • Saturday Night Short Film: Short films don’t get enough love or recognition. In an attempt to rectify that, instead of going out, partying and making memories, Saturday night will be designated short film night. Like Off-Topic Tuesday, there won’t necessarily be a new review/commentary every Saturday, but it will be more often than Off-Topic Tuesday. At least for the time being.
  • Top 5 Tuesday: Once a part of Opinion Pieces/Other Writing, it is now its own section. It’s self-explanatory in its intent… on Tuesday a new top five–related to the film industry–is posted.

New sections may be added as time goes on, but right now this seems like a good amount and a good variety.

You may be wondering why there’s a rabbit in the logo, along with pictures of the same rabbit all over this post. The simple answer is that Tyler is obsessed with his bunny, Castle, who is named after The Punisher and can also be referred to as The Bunisher. He isn’t doing any of the writing–as far as we know–but he provides emotional support. He is the best part of this website and the world in general. He is also “The Best Bunny Critic in the Business” and his cuteness is 10/10.


Tyler Selig: the founder of Flickmetic and the rabbit dad. As of now he is most of the content, so the Flickmetic voice is dominantly his.

Zach McCoy: a longtime friend of Tyler has now become a contributor to Flickmetic! He’s a lifelong movie fan and he will be contributing articles when he has time.


Perhaps you only want to pimp your movie for a review or e-mail Flickmetic to complain about how stupid we are… that’s okay too. This is the internet after all. If you want to get a hold of us you can tweet Tyler directly @flickmetictyler or use e-mail like an old-fashioned internet user:

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