Fandom Wars Disclaimer

Mission Statement

I need to come out and say this first and foremost: this is just for fun. While the title of any of the articles could be seen as inflammatory or offensive ([insert fandom] Is Better Than [insert fandom]), this is just meant to be silly. I thought it would be interesting to actually compare fandoms using data in an effort to put some numbers behind the debates, past, present and future.

There is no objective way to determine what fanbase is actually better and it doesn’t reflect my opinion. One of the purposes of the exercise is just to see what the data tells me and try to make a story of it, whether I agree or not. Even if it’s an intellectual property that I like or dislike I’m not injecting my own personal opinion unless noted, but that will be rare and only done if it serves a narrative.

That’s not to say that numbers can’t tell us anything. They can, but it depends on how they’re used, and they will never be the complete story because I can’t analyze every single interaction that every single person has, so I’m just using ratings and some other variables in a way that I hope is entertaining for everybody.

Stats are important and graphs are simple ways to get across information to people in ways that are easily digestible (unless they’re a fancy graph), but they can also be manipulated in devious ways. I am devious. In all seriousness, while I take some of it seriously, you will notice that I do some really silly things in order to make a point. One of the goals is to satirize data analysis and shine a light on how you can basically make stats say whatever you want if you’re clever enough (I’m not clever). I welcome your analysis of the same information, I think it would be funny to see.


There’s no set schedule for when a new Fandom Wars entry will be posted. They’re quite a bit of work but I’m hoping to get a new one up every month or so. There could be more, there could be less, it’s hard to know. It really depends on how much other writing I’m doing and how big the comparison has to be. Some will be smaller, some will be a bigger undertaking.


This can change from post to post. Basically I take the ratings from sites like IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic, input some other information, take all of that and turn it into graphs… and then look at those graphs for hours and try to spin a compelling yarn for all of you. What I put emphasis on in the final write-up is dependent on what I notice in those graphs. I don’t go in with a set thing I’m trying to say, it forms as I look over the information.

But I’m not beholden to the same process. While they will all be similar, there could be differences between them as I think up new ideas and get better at what I’m doing.

One Last Thing

I’m a rookie, not a professional data analyst. I throw around the terms but I’m just a hobbyist who knows a little bit about Microsoft Power BI and wants to use that in order to put a slight spin on typical movie posts. Anybody who knows what they’re doing would blow me away, but I hope that this–and everything I do on Flickmetic–is entertaining and maybe even a little bit educational.

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