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It’s International Rabbit Day 2020, So Here’s Some Pictures of My Bunny

By far the easiest article I’ve ever produced. But also the most vital.

It’s International Rabbit Day 2020, and bunny lovers all over the world are celebrating their little fur balls. There is nothing wrong with this and I think we should forfeit all of our time and money to the Lagomorph Overlords every day. I already do that, but I will settle for one day for the rest of the planet.

If you’ve only stumbled on this website and somehow missed the rabbit in the logo and are wondering why there is an International Rabbit Day 2020 post on a movie website, it’s because I have a rabbit named Castle and I affectionately call him “The Best Bunny Critic in the Business,” among many other names. He has the best opinions on movies and while I haven’t yet published a review that he’s done, there may come a day when he gets more involved. What you don’t realize is that I secretly plagiarize him in my own writings.

I have all kinds of ideas for this occasion but to be honest it snuck up on me. So this year I will celebrate the only important day of the year by bombarding you, my lovely readers, which pictures of my bunbun. Happy International Rabbit Day everybody!

international rabbit day
international rabbit day 2020
international rabbit day 2020
international rabbit day


Castle is a genuine masterpiece. The cutest, funniest, smartest and most loving bunny a man could ask for. He is the most amazing thing ever to set foot on Earth and if he could go to space he’d be the best thing to ever set foot on those planets too. He could even step on the sun and not die. It can’t ever get better than this. And by the way, I turned off the viewer rating for this one because I know there are some jerks out there and my heart can’t take it.

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