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The Movies of 2021 So Far: January and February!

Looking back monthly at movies.

Sometimes people will ask me for recommendations of current/new movies that are worth watching. Obviously I can’t watch every single new release but I do try to stay on top of them the best I can, time permitting. So I figured, at the end of every month/beginning of the next month (I’m a little late this time), why not just throw up a quick post to show the readers what I think of the movies released so far? It’s a fun way to look back at the month and see how it unfolded.

Since this is the first post I have included by January and February. Next time you see a post like this it will only be for March, and so on. Due to the different roll-outs–limited, wide release, streaming, etc.–that a flick can have, it has multiple opportunities to be in here, but I will only choose each movie once. It depends on whenever I have the chance to see it. For the record, I use First Showing a lot when it comes to release dates.

This article pretty much gives it away, but click here if you want to see my top five films of 2021 that I posted a couple days ago.

So far it’s February that has stolen my heart. The average rating is a smidge higher but it also has three of my favourite flicks of 2021. While it also technically has three flicks that I wouldn’t recommend–I Blame Society, Tom and Jerry and Bliss–it comes a lot closer to being a recommendation than the two flicks that I didn’t like in January, Locked Down and Batman: Soul of the Dragon.

I consider a rating of 50 to be on the fence, and anything higher than that a recommendation. The 45 spot is my “close but no” situation where I don’t actively dislike the movie but can’t bring myself to recommend it to people.

Before we get out of here, let me just throw out a few swift observations:

Biggest surprise of January: Psycho Goreman, because I hadn’t even heard of it.
Biggest disappointment of January: Little Things, because while decent, I expect more from a Denzel Washington movie.
Biggest surprise of February: Falling, because I didn’t expect to be as gripped by it as I was.
Biggest disappointment of February: Dead Pigs, because I had been waiting for it for a long time and it didn’t live up to those expectations. Saint Maud was considered as well because it was supposed to be an amazing horror movie that I thought were merely “good.”

He liked Little Things more than me and would place I Care a Lot higher than I did. Aside from that, we are pretty even in our assessment.

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