fans vs critics oct 9 2020
Fans vs Critics

Kajillionaire Creates a Small Disturbance So the FANS Fight the CRITICS on October 9, 2020

Friday Feud: Fans vs Critics. Stepping up to the plate this week is Enola Holmes, Kajillionaire and The Last Shift.

While I describe it a bit, if you want a more detailed explanation of how I figure things out, click here and read the disclaimer. I have it as a separate link so I don’t have to waste the time of repeat visitors.

If you’ve been following this website since its inception, you’ll know that every Friday it’s time for the fans and critics to do battle. In which way, you ask? I take a few of the new movies released two weeks ago and compare the reception using IMDB, Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes. I use IMDB and Metacritic together–IMDB for fans, Metacritic for critics–and Rotten Tomatoes has both of those scores, so it has its own section.

Why movies released two weeks ago, you ask? Stop asking so many questions! I choose movies in that time frame so fans have a little while to actually rate the movies. Even though it doesn’t lead to definitive results over time, the point is to capture the reception of the hardcores who rush out–or stay in–to watch these movies.

Let’s jump into it.

I Ally Myself With the Critics to Fight the Fans About Kajillionaire

october 9 2020

We begin, as always, with IMDB/Metacritic. It appears that this week the fans and critics almost have the same opinions on two of the three flicks. Even when they disagree it’s miniscule. This hasn’t been uncommon with these websites.

So, next we break it down by film.

october 9 2020

With The Last Shift and Enola Holmes, the fans and critics are in bed with each other. Sexy. The difference with Kajillionaire, a movie I reviewed here and loved, just hits the point where I consider it a small difference. In my experience thus far, the fans of IMDB tend to think more like critics than the Rotten Tomatoes fans do, so this is a curious finding.

It appears that not only do the critics and fans have some beef with Kajillionaire, but I have some beef with the fans! On top of that, I thought even more highly of the movie than the critical average so I’m public enemy number one. Let’s settle this like men in Smash Bros.

the last shift
I feel ya.

On Rotten Tomatoes Things Are Surprisingly Civil

october 9 2020

Ah, Rotten Tomatoes. The place of great diversity, of great conflict. Okay, maybe not great conflict this time. Even their problems with each other are minor this time. Let me guess, Kajillionaire is the sore spot.

Oh look, I’m right. What a genius I am! There’s the exact same difference on Rotten Tomatoes as there is on IMDB, so now the fans are even aligned with one another on different sites. Rotten Tomatoes figures out their critical ratings a little differently than Metacritic but they still use a lot of the same verified critics. So it would be weird if I said that the critics are even aligned with one another because they are the same people a lot of the time. Unless they are clones…

The Results

IMDB: All quiet on the Western front here. They teased–oh they’re so naughty–each other a little bit with Kajillionaire but it never amounted to anything substantial.

Rotten Tomatoes: Even though there is some growing disparity between fans and critics it’s still relatively agreeable.

The Final Verdict: To keep this interesting I look at IMDB/Metacritic as a new relationship full of love and adoration. It may have some growing pains as you learn more about your partner but it’s still pretty awesome. Then my girlfriend starts getting sick of me Rotten Tomatoes would symbolize the beginnings of a breakdown, but it’s not huge enough where a little communication wouldn’t potentially fix it.

Screw that, I’m going to see my Tinder match.

You Could Leave but You Could Also Stay (and See More in Depth Analysis)

This is the time where I do a little bit more digging into the numbers, looking at them in terms of age groups, gender, country and runtime. Until otherwise noted–at the end–you will be seeing IMDB/Metacritic charts.

Normally there’s not that much of a difference in the average ratings for any of these, but there’s still some notable distinctions this week. The first that stuck out was how much higher the average rating of the under eighteens was this week. Now, there are a lot fewer total ratings, but normally they fall in line with the adults.

It’s skewed heavily by one movie: Kajillionaire. You can’t see it here so you’ll just have to trust me (bad mistake) but there was only one rating in the <18 crowd. That would be why it has an 80. In fact, Kajillionaire is where most of the action happens this week. Going into this I didn’t expect that.

october 9 2020

Critics love dramas this week where the fans are lukewarm on all the genres. When it comes to the genders of the fans, both of them prefer mystery. Maybe they both like a little bit of mystery in their partners. I don’t know why I continue using the relationship analogy this week.

I’m just going to roll with it. For fun, of course, don’t take me seriously. Females also prefer the longest movie, but they also like the shortest movie more than the males do too. So what does this tell me? We have a complex dilemma between the sexes, clearly. Some women want to ignore their guys with a movie, while others want it to get over quickly so they can talk. This is why the divorce rate is so high.

enola holmes
Too real, Tyler.

october 9 2020

I chuckle at the imagery with the single 18-year-old who saw the R-rated movie, Kajillionaire. The Last Shift shares an MPAA rating with it, but literally no under eighteens saw it. I laugh because I picture one kid somehow getting into it and sitting there grinning. “Oh look, I got into an R-rated movie!” I remember the days of seeing movies I shouldn’t in theatre. My friend and I went to Starship Troopers when we were underage and we saw boobies.

Both the USA and the other countries in the world prefer the PG-13 movie, but to be fair there’s only one…whereas with R there is two, so there’s an actual average there. With that said, it’s the females driving that more than the males.

october 9 2020

Our last chart page was made possible by Rotten Tomatoes.

In terms of the average rating, critics prefer the drama but also like the mystery. Neither are especially fond of laughing this week so the comedy gets pretty middling scores. I guess things in the relationship really are getting too serious.

I include the Tomatometer and the audience score here because the numbers are always significant. Not to mention that people think of the Tomatometer when they think of Rotten Tomatoes. The Tomatometer is not an average rating; it is merely the amount of critics who give a movie a passing grade. The same can be said for the audience score. I keep banging that drum every week because I’m a failed drummer and I need to bang a drum somewhere.

This week these numbers may be the most interesting! Look at how the critics recommend all the movies but the fans are much harsher. This is exactly why companies include the Tomatometer in advertisements. “Enola Holmes FROM NETFLIX has a 91%!” “Kajillionaire is rich at 88%!”

Even though the critics only give them a 71 and a 74, respectfully. “Enola Holmes ON NETFLIX just hits being ‘good’!” while “Kajillionaire is a little dodgy with its finances at 74!” Meanwhile, “It’s the last shift for The Last Shift because its performance was mediocre at best! Check that 59% Tomatometer score!”

Credit : Matt Kennedy / Focus Features. “Great marketing strategy, dumbass.”

The Tally Thus Far

october 9 2020

I think it’s pretty obvious by now that in context of movies released today that the fans of IMDB and the critics counted by Metacritic will agree a lot more they disagree. I can’t see this inequality ever flattening out.

Rotten Tomatoes actually closed the gap. Last week it inched close to balancing out the Force but now it has done it. If the websites were sports I would be much more inclined to watch Rotten Tomatoes faithfully. There’s a pleasure in dominance at the highest level but at some point you just want to see the person/team lose. That’s going to be IMDB/Metacritic.

I hope you enjoyed Fans vs Critics this week. Doing these is a lot of fun and I try to make them snappy because looking at graphs can get boring. Tune in again next week.

the last shift

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