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Quick Reviews: Wild Mountain Thyme, I’m Your Woman and Wander Darkly

If I learned anything from these three movies, it’s that dealing with people sucks.

December 11th was quite a varied day when it came to movie releases on streaming platforms or VOD. There were so many releases that I have not had the chance to actually watch all of them–Wolfwalkers, I’m hoping to get to you soon, please forgive me.

I thought it would be fun to do a few shorter reviews for three of the new releases: Wild Mountain Thyme, I’m Your Woman and Wander Darkly. Some people don’t want to read lengthy reviews so what I’ve done here is condensed my thoughts into mini-reviews, complete with score. It is not as in-depth as a full review would be since I won’t elaborate as much as I normally would, but the key points will all be present.

Wander Darkly

wander darkly

A couple is having relationship difficulties and a tragedy hits them. The girlfriend, played by Sienna Miller, is thrust into a surreal experience where her and her boyfriend relive some of the key moments of their lives together. This means that the story is told through cracked interpretations of their memories.

Underneath the gimmick lies a relationship that isn’t convincing or interesting. However, the gimmick is there and it covers up some of the terrible dialogue and sub-par acting (Miller tries), giving us a puzzle to piece together. That little bit of mystery leads to some playfulness within the romance genre. That made me enjoy the film enough to give it a minor recommendation.

Rating: 6/10

I’m Your Woman

i'm your woman

A crime drama that mostly lives because of the lead performance of Rachel Brosnahan, who was consistently enjoyable and passionate without having to resort to melodramatic acting tripe. While not the top tier of performances in 2020, it is worth noting because she plays a woman completely out of her element well.

Aside from that, it’s decent for what it is but the plot beats didn’t have as much impact as they should, even with Rachel selling it. Some of the narrative threads are curious enough to be entertaining while not being fully explored. This is a movie that I would define was good; definitely worth a watch, but not one of the best of the year by any means.

Rating: 7/10

Wild Mountain Thyme

wild mountain thyme

In all honesty, what brought me to the dance here was Emily Blunt starring in it. She is one of my favourite actresses currently working and I expected her to nail this role. This is not a role that I would point to if I wanted to share her talents with the world; she’s certainly convincing as she always is, but she brought surprisingly little of the Blunt charm.

Aside from that, there are some other positives. The photography is nice with pretty landscapes abound. There are a couple jokes that land and it has a good supporting cast. Even Jamie Dornan was decent.

There are two major problems. The first is that the romance between Blunt and Dornan is more annoying than anticipatory, so when it finally happens I was left with an uncaring feeling. You know when your friends get together and put it on Facebook and someone says “finally!” This isn’t that.

The second issue is arguably just as bad. There’s a plot twist at the end that is just weird. It’s not out there enough to be brave but it’s also not memorable. It’s just dumb. Up until that point Wild Mountain Thyme was salvageable and worthy of a slight passing grade. The plot twist shifted it to the opposite side, making me incapable of recommending it.

Rating: 4.5/10

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