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Saturday Night Short Film

RPG OKC by Emily Carmichael: Saturday Night Short Film #11

As bright as the sun and as sharp as the stars.

Saturday Night Short Film is a weekly series where I find a short film and talk about it. I do this because short films are overlooked and deserve respect. These articles are not meant to be official reviews and don’t have a final score; they are simply an attempt to shine light on the subsection of cinema in a more bite-sized manner. RPG OKC is Saturday Night Short Film #11.

I love movies, and if you’ve read a couple of my other articles where I discuss video games briefly, you’ll also know that I love video games. They are my first love, and my most passionate one (besides the rabbit that graces this website). I grew up with the Nintendo Entertainment System, but really came into my own as a gamer around the time of the Super Nintendo.

What this means is, I have an affinity for the art style that RPG OKC employs. That is one of the main reasons that I chose it for this Saturday. It’s also about a long distance relationship, and having some experience with that, I figured it would hit me on another level.

Emily Carmichael really hit it out of the park with this one. It actually portrays the awkwardness and excitement of a long distance relationship. From the moment that you realize that you really like talking to this person to the famed face reveal, she seemed really in tune with the many emotions associated with it.

This leads to a short film that is surprisingly funny, especially if you understand long distance, or specifically something that originates online. The main character is asked “is she fair?” and that elicited laughter every time because I remember those days. Of course it mattered if she was hot or not!

On top of that Emily shows an adoration for the gaming medium as well, drawing much of the humour from old-school, turn-based fantasy RPGs. It’s important to note that while I think some of the gags work regardless of your experience with video games, this appears to be a short film where it’s crucial to have some degree of comprehension about what makes them tick. For example, a group of people wanting items from a rival group that they are fighting may not hit you with the same velocity if you’re unfamiliar.

That’s not to say that there isn’t any genuine feeling here. While I laughed many times in the short runtime, it was how it came together that made the biggest impression. Sure, it’s silly throughout most of it, but there’s a legitimate tenderness on display at the end that let me know that Emily wasn’t just here to mock people in these kinds of relationships. She showed respect, but there’s nothing wrong with some gentle ribs along the way.

He has also been in a long distance relationship.

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