Saturday Night Short Film

Migrants by Paul Chadeisson: Saturday Night Short Film #12

I mean, the planet looks nice.

Saturday Night Short Film is a weekly series where I watch a short film and talk about it in a more bite-sized manner. It’s not a review, so there’s no score. It’s merely a way to shine light on the art of the short film, which I feel is overlooked because of the prestige of feature films. Migrants is Saturday Night Short Film #12.

Let me fill you in on a little insider’s secret: I use Saturday Night Short Film as an excuse to watch older movies since I have to focus so much on new releases. I miss visiting previous decades and this gives me an opportunity to still do that each week, even if they aren’t feature films.

However, today I stand behind you (don’t look) with a newer initiative. Neill Blomkamp, of District 9 fame, launched Oats Studios a few years back. It is a way to showcase short films made by other, smaller filmmakers; although it’s been used mostly by himself.

It also serves as a way to find out what ideas are interesting enough to turn into feature films. This happened to Blomkamp himself with Alive in Joburg, so it’s actually really cool to see him want to pay it forward and give someone their big break like he was given.

I hadn’t seen anything from Oat Studios in a long time so I jumped on YouTube and, sure enough, there were films I missed. I chose to focus on Migrants, but perhaps that wasn’t the best idea.

Migrants is very uneventful, but it looks gorgeous while doing nothing. It’s about a spaceship docking while some talks over it about terraforming Mars and how they will save everything. Honestly, it’s whatever, but the special effects are stunning. There might be a decent feature film that can be made, but I wouldn’t have chosen this film if it didn’t give me an opportunity to talk about Oat Studios.

If you’re uninitiated, you’d be better off watching Blomkamp’s own Zygote, if for no other reason than to see the monster that is stitched together from 96 of its other victims. What a horrifying atrocity. Christ.

If you did watch Zygote, you should probably look at this picture to cleanse your palate.

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