the gunfighter
Saturday Night Short Film

The Gunfighter by Eric Kissack: Saturday Night Short Film #9

Just a regular day in a saloon.

Source: Tanvir Akhtar

Saturday Night Short Film is a weekly series that updates every–you guessed it–Saturday, where I shine light on a short film. There’s no limit to what kind of short film I can pick because we are off the rails here, but they are often overlooked by their feature length sibling and deserve respect. Saturday Night Short Film is more bite-sized and not meant to be a full review, hence the lack of a score. The Gunfighter is Saturday Night Short Film #9.

You may see at the top of the video above that it says that The Gunfighter is the “best short film ever.” How could someone avoid such a captivating and not-click-bait-at-all description, placed right there in the title? I figured, this is sure to be mind-blowing.

All joking aside, it’s not the first–and it won’t be the last–movie to be declared by the uploader as the best ever. I was just poking a bit of fun, because honestly, it’s a really damn good comedic take on the Western.

The titular gunfighter walks into a saloon. It is filled with all the characters that one would expect from the genre. Prostitutes, drunks and seedy people with little going on populate the tables and the stools. All is normal except until a omniscient voice rings over the proceedings, explaining the actions and the deepest thoughts of the people involved. To make things better, that voice is Nick Offerman.

It’s very funny as it riffs on the conventions that we are used to, while mocking the era that it takes place in. In the grand scheme of things it’s just about a specific place in time, and lacks anything substantial as commentary–but it reaches its crescendo with a lot of finesse and, more importantly, wit. It packed more laughs in ten minutes than many comedies do, and because of that it’s a huge success. That’s more than enough, but no, it is not the best short film ever.

This is the real narrator of the movie.

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