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Movie Awards 2020

The Best Movies of 2020, 30 – 16–The 2020 Flickmetic Movie Awards

Celebrating some of the best of film in 2020!

We just came off of me dumping on the worst movies of 2020 so now it’s time to be more positive. I mentioned many times throughout the year that despite the problems we have faced, it’s actually been a solid year for cinema. This post will contain 15 of the best movies of 2020!

30: Sonic the Hedgehog

Source: Paramount Pictures

Sonic the Hedgehog was the little film that could. It came out of the gate with horrible character design and animation but they went back to the lab and fixed it all up. The result? A video game movie that ended up being great and beloved by the audience. Count me in with the audience on this one, but let’s set up the Super Smash Bros. Cinematic Universe!

29: Sputnik

Source: IFC Films

While the finale hurt the film a bit for me, this was a psychologically driven, horror-tinged, beautifully paced examination of an alien/human symbiotic relationship. It wasn’t flashy but the general dimness added to the endless curiosity and tension between everybody, human and alien.

28: The Painted Bird

Source: IFC Films

Sometimes you get a war movie that wants to showcase the true horrors of war instead of giving you an action movie. The Painted Bird is relentless in its tone and ambition, leading to a memorable–but slightly flawed–terror that embedded itself in my mind.

27: Run

Source: Lionsgate Movies

Run is the follow-up to Searching, a better film. But that doesn’t mean that Run doesn’t carve its own niche! Paulson hammed it up a little bit too much, awkwardly delivering some lines, but Kiera Allen was really believable–impressive considering her lack of experience. However, while this ultimately isn’t a substantial flick, it’s incredibly tense and the suspense lasts from beginning to end. It’s just fun.

26: The Way Back

Source: Warner Bros. Pictures

Given his past, this is an insanely personal film for Ben Affleck. It really shows, as he gave one of the best performances of the year. It doesn’t manipulate the formula in any meaningful way but there’s something to be said for solid storytelling. This has it in spades.

25: Another Round

Source: TIFF Trailers

Whereas many artists would use the premise to craft a comedy, Thomas Vinterberg used four friends getting drunk to explore the psychological musings of Finn Skårderud, who deposited that maintaining a blood alcohol content of 0.05 has certain benefits. This ended up being an intelligent film about getting drunk, which is embodied by the masterful performance of  Mads Mikkelsen.

24: Host

Source: Shudder

It appears that I have yet to get tired of the gimmick where a flick is filmed on a computer or phone screen. This isn’t the pinnacle of those films, but it’s a damn good one. There are minor criticisms such as not caring as much about the characters as I would have liked, but it still got me. With the way it’s filmed, it grounds you in reality, occasionally using that framework beautifully.


23: 1917

Source: Universal Pictures

Some would say 1917 is from 2019 but because of its release schedule I felt that it could be counted this year. What can be said about it that hasn’t already been said? It’s a wonderful war movie where the gimmick only assists the intimacy of the film. An intense, potent and exciting flick from a great director who knew how to use all the tools.

22: What Killed Michael Brown?

Source: Film Threat

In my review for What Killed Michael Brown? I made the case that your political alignment would likely influence your interest–or belief–in the movie. However, I just want a documentary like this one to make a compelling case either way, which Eli Steele and his father Shelby did. Whether you fall on the left or right side of the political spectrum, it’s still worth a watch.

21: The Social Dilemma

Source: Netflix

The Social Dilemma is one of the most important films of the year in my estimation, due to how it describes the impact that social media has on us… and what the people behind the scenes are doing to us.

20: The Wolf House

Source: KimStim Films

The storytelling in The Wolf House is full of symbolism and explores Maria well, but perhaps the plot isn’t always paced the greatest. However, the stop motion animation is wonderful, full of incredible imagery that fits the message well. One particular aspect I adore is how instead of cutting to new areas in a conventional manner it transitions in such a way that the environments melt away and form in front of our eyes.

Like some other films in this list, if you want a longer opinion then make sure to check out my review.

19: Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

Source: Amazon Prime Video UK

While it’s not quite as funny as the first, possibly because the edge has been dulled a bit, it’s still got some truly hilarious parts. It traded some of that humour for surprising emotional depth because of the relationship between him and his non-male son.

18: Palm Springs

Source: Hulu

Palm Springs ended up being a rather breezy take on the time loop idea but I was completely okay with that. That’s not to say that it lacked heart because there was certainly one beating underneath the comedy. What surprised me was how effectively it delved into its themes–it made me consider certain things that other movies of this ilk have not.

17: The Gentlemen

Source: STXFilms

The Gentlemen is a good example of what happens when Ritchie is firing on all cylinders and he has a charming cast to bring his material to life. The dialogue is witty with some excellent jokes scattered throughout. There are also some absolutely brilliant musical choices that really bring the plot to life.

16: Soul

Source: Pixar

We end this article with Soul, the newest Pixar flick. My enjoyment began as soon as the movie began because the riff on the Disney intro was unexpected but welcome. It’s not perfect; the “Great Before” and “Great Beyond” design left a little to be desired and lacked the Pixar spark, but once Joe met 22 then the blueprint really came together and, in turn, it became a much stronger flick.

He went to an audition for Borat but didn’t get in it because he was too very nice.

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