justin and tyler movie awards
Movie Awards 2020

The Justin and Tyler Movie Awards for 2020

What, you thought I was done giving out awards?

Every year my friend and I get together at the beginning of January and spend two days talking to each other about our favourites–and least favourites–in film. It’s something that him and I get excited for and now I’m about to unleash it on you lot.

If you have followed along with the Flickmetic awards then some of my picks in these videos have already been spoiled. However! In many ways these videos are an expansion of the Flickmetic Awards. For example, where I only gave three actors, actresses and director awards in my own, I give six of each in these videos.

I also intentionally kept certain awards out of my own–instead replacing them with awards unique to Flickmetic–so there would still be some reason to watch these videos. On top of that, you get to see the conversation between two good friends who love chatting movies and watching these videos not only supports me–but you’d support him too since it’s on his YouTube channel.

So while The Justin and Tyler Movie Awards are not a wholly original experience for those who have paid attention to my awards on this website, they still offer enough to be different. I hope you watch these and enjoy.

If you were watching the videos and you saw me constantly drawing things and wondered what masterpiece I was concocting, here is the doodle. Psychoanalyze me. Thanks for watching!

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