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The Top 5 Christmas Movies of All-Time–Top 5 Tuesday

It’s Christmas time on Flickmetic.

You’re probably aware that it’s Christmas. Even if you don’t have a calendar, the amount of craziness that emanates from people as they gather in large crowds–though admittedly less so since we’re in the middle of a pandemic–must be a clear giveaway.

It’s true: the Christmas spirit is lost on people sometimes. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t have it here. There was only one top five that I could do this week, and it’s the top five Christmas movies of all-time. You want to spend time with your family so I won’t take up anymore of your time, so let’s just get on with it.

5: The Night Before

Source: Sony Pictures Entertainment

This list begins with one of the bigger surprises I’ve encountered over the last decade, relatively speaking. The Night Before is funny from front to back, and even if some of the jokes wouldn’t work normally, the talented cast brings them to life.

That’s really what this movie is about, how the three main characters–played by Rogan, Mackie and Gordon-Levitt–play off of each other. It’s ridiculously enlightened casting because they gel flawlessly, but even a supporting bit character like the pot dealer played by Michael Shannon is given ample opportunity to shine.

4: Krampus

Source: Legendary

I wrote at length about Krampus previously so I’ll keep this short and encourage you to click that link for more in-depth comments. Krampus may not be the best horror flick nor the best comedy film, but it is undeniably fun. I was thoroughly entertained and believe that it is incredibly underrated. This is how you take folklore and adapt it to the screen.

3: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Source: Movieclips Classic Trailers

No one would argue about the legitimacy of describing The Night Before or Krampus as Christmas movies, but Kiss Kiss Bang Bang? Now we get into that debatable territory where some feel that you have to adhere to certain rules in order to be considered. It makes sense because those who make that argument want validity, but it’s always seemed unnecessary in my eyes.

Truth be told, I forgot that Kiss Kiss Bang Bang could be considered a Christmas movie until I was compiling this list. Yes, it doesn’t fit the formula because it’s a crime movie that happens to be based around Christmas, but as long as a film takes place during that holiday it qualifies for me. This is funny with two great main performances in a time before Robert Downey Jr. ever spoke the words “I am Ironman.”

2: Die Hard

Source: 20th Century Studios

Speaking of films that are hotly contested as Christmas movies, here’s one of the bigger ones. Yes, I’m one of those who consider it eligible. The time period is enough for me to count it, even if it doesn’t deeply explore themes associated with Christmas movies.

Should it really matter if a person is just enjoying it? I don’t think so. Die Hard is one of the greatest action movies ever made and let’s just call a spade a spade–any reason to pop it on again is a good reason.

1: The Muppet Christmas Carol


I’ll extend an olive branch after two questionable choices. There’s no denying this one, and it’s long been my favourite because I absolutely adore the Muppets. It’s doctrine to me that they are perhaps the only characters ever created that can bring about world peace, if Earth was ready for that.

In all seriousness, this has all the trademarks of what makes them the legends that they are. A colourful–and memorable–cast of misfits who are thrown into odd situations and handle the situations in an even more weird, and endearing, way. It’s hilarious, packs ton of heart, and is the best Christmas movie ever unleashed onto this undeserving world.

His favourite is Rudolph.

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